Why Eyad Reda Law Firm LLP

Why Eyad Reda – Lawyers and Legal Consultants?

Our client’s legal affairs are the key to the success of their business, personal success and financial security. From this standpoint, our team prioritizes your interests, which makes us:

  • Allocate sufficient time to understand your enterprise’s system, the context in which it operates, its strengths and weaknesses, and the challenges and opportunities it faces.
  • Work collectively in order to achieve better results, and bring out multiple opinions and knowledge from our team who create a more comprehensive vision to ensure success and accuracy at all times.
  • Provide practical, thoughtful and qualitative legal advice, whereby our team proposes business-conscious and cost-effective solutions.
  • Invest in laying a strong foundation for the future, which requires us to stand today on what the client needs for long, “sustainable” years to come. Accordingly, we study and benefit from past experiences and focus on ensuring that the future represents convergence and alignment with the goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.

Our teams bring commercially aware, cost-effective business solutions to the table.

We’re investing today to build a solid foundation for the future.

We need to be aware today of our clients’ needs many years from today.

We research, we learn, we are committed to maintaining a relentless focus on the aims and goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.


As one highly-focused team with professional lawyers in offices around the Kingdom, we work relentlessly to strike a balance between understanding and respecting our many cultures and developing a single strong core value system throughout the firm. As a Saudi-based law firm aiming to establish a truly strong Saudi presence, we provide counsel and representation in almost every business area of law affecting cross-border businesses. Diversity for us is not a choice—it’s a professional imperative. Our strategies here center on recruiting talent widely, retaining the best, and promoting equitably.


We take pride in our craft, as part of advancing our goal of elevating the legal practice in Saudi Arabia, we ensure that our team members deal with one another and with our clients with the highest respect and with the utmost transparency and ethical conduct, and in compliance with all applicable professional rules of conduct. We are committed to holding the Saudi Arabian legal practice to the highest level of professionalism. We operate with unmitigated integrity. The reputation of ERLF is vital to our success; moreover, we all have a duty to preserve and grow it for long-term success.

We are a people business, viewing diversity as a strength. Diversity in the work environment means new insights and creative ideas. We want to create an environment that welcomes, supports and enables everyone in it to achieve distinction with a commitment to equal respect and opportunity. We aim to never lose sight of the human touch which we value in dealing with the team.

We deliver best when working as a team – rather than as individuals operating alone. Operating under a knowledge- sharing, open information philosophy allows us to achieve the right outcomes, whether working with a local family business or a multi-national corporation. Feedback – from all our stakeholders – on our performance is vital to ensure we strive to always work better and vital for our success.


Our dedication to pro bono work is a core aspect of our culture. We believe that we all benefit when the legal system is accessible to everyone. Those views continue to thrive at ERLF, where we have dedicated an enormous number of hours to pro bono over the past couple of years. Our legal consultants are involved in a wide variety of charitable endeavors. From day one, we encourage those at the firm to find a cause that sparks their interest and to match that interest to legal needs in our communities.