ERLF values people who strive to tackle complex challenges, take the initiative and think outside the box. We are always looking for people who are able to work in a rapidly developing environment, setting new standards for performance within our firm in particular and the sector as a whole. We adopt candidates who have the desire to take their career to the next level and enhance their skills. Although we continue to expand and grow, the pillars of our success remain represented in our values, excellent care of our clients and our extensive experience in many areas that are coupled with innovative solutions and sound business strategy provided by our diverse team with high levels of skills. If you believe in these values and have a solid background in business or finance, you are welcome to apply for a position with us.

Reasons for choosing to work with Eyad Reda Law Firm

We consider our human capital one of our greatest assets. We value each of our employees and provide them with the opportunity to grow within the firm, we also believe in sponsoring employee development programs and investing in our employees, which helps you hone your leadership skills and ultimately unleash your full potential.

The next big step in your career

We congratulate you for taking the first step on the path to joining our team, which includes many specialists with many talents, and joining the family of Eyad Reda Law Firm. By joining ERLF, you are taking the next big step in your career. And remember, your CV is the first impression we build around you; It is your first opportunity to tell us about yourself and tell us what your capabilities are. Therefore, please make sure that your CV highlights the skills and experiences you have acquired during your career, with a focus on your major accomplishments and your personality from a professional and humanitarian standpoint. Kindly send your CV to the following email address:

with thanks.