PPPs are long-term contracts between a private company and a government agency for providing a public asset or service. They include roads, ports, buildings, power generation, and water and healthcare services.

At ERLF, we have extensive experience in handling PPPs. ERLF advice helps national and municipal governments in Saudi Arabia partner with the private sector to improve access to services including education, electricity, healthcare, and sanitation.

Our project finance lawyers engage in complex projects by diffusing political risk, addressing the interests of diverse stakeholders, resolving regulatory hurdles, ensuring that the project development is bankable and creating innovative financing structures.

Eyad Reda – Lawyers and Legal Consultants’ PPP practice capabilities include:

  • Chemicals
  • Advising the Ministry of Labor on two major regulatory initiatives involving public-private partnership and insurance activities
  • Advising the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) on regulations pertaining to King Abdullah Economic City
  • Drafting the Legal Code and General Act of the Economic Cities
  • Assisting in creating the regulations pertaining to Economic Cities’ IPOs and joint stock companies, fundraising transaction, international due diligence and benchmarking
  • Advising the Public Transportation Authority on regulatory reforms
  • Advising the Ministry of Defense on regulatory reforms
  • Advising publicly-owned companies of PPP, Corporate and regulatory reforms.