Real Estate Matters


Real estate matters are very precise.

Real estate matters are very precise, detailed and broad in terms of the multiplicity of relevant government agencies, regulations, regulatory decisions and judicial rulings issued in their regard.

ERLF has a variety of experience in the field of legal advice for real estate issues and real estate contracts of all kinds (residential or commercial), expropriation and it’s compensation, real estate revaluation, mortgage, real estate eviction, real estate development, real estate investment funds.

Our experience in real estate matters includes the following:

Representing major real estate owners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the expropriation of real estate in the interest of the state, for the purpose of implementing some of 2030’s Vision projects, and addressing any overlaps or claims by others.
Providing legal advice on establishing a joint venture for a Saudi company with a capital of more than 400 million Saudi riyals, to become one of the major companies that provide engineering, supply and construction services in the energy sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.